Located in the northwest of Portugal close to Galicia, Braga is a modern town with over twenty centuries of well documented history.


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A short view of Braga


Praça Republica

Braga was founded by the Celts in 300 AC and in 27 AC Bracara Augusta was set as an important roman administrative centre.

A major religious center from the earlier times of Cristianity alternated with Santiago de Compostela in Galicia the role of religious capital of the Iberian Peninsula. Ilustrating Braga' evolution along the centuries diferent and diverse arquitectural styles apear side by side. Nowadays the town holds a remarkable Baroque splendour.

Places to visit

Antigo Paço Arquiepiscopal Barcarense





Ancient Archbishop's Palace

House of Coimbras







Casa dos Coimbras, dated 1471

Sé Catedral

Braga' Cathedral. One of Braga ex-líbris and religeous capital of the north of Portugal sharing with Santiago de Compostela that role in the whole Iberian Peninsula for many centuries.

Palácio do Raio






VIII' century Raio' Palace

Capela do Salvador






Salvador' Chapel

Central Avenue and St. Barbara gardens

The arcade

The new Gate

Santa Cruz Square and São Geraldo Church                                   

Carmelita' Church and San Sebastian' Chapel

The Cathedral

Biscaínhos Palace


Bom Jesus and Sameiro hills and its baroque cathedrals overlooking the City

The University of Minho. Rectorat and the university'



mediavel reading room


Braga is one of the youngest cities in Europe in terms of population. Thus being rather dynamic and energetic and having a lively cultural and social life.


Architecture prize winning Soccer Stadium


Cultural Events

Braga Jazz, CM-Braga

Gastronomy is culture...

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Ethnography and Folklore



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Night Life




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Braga Jazz, CM-Braga

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