The venue of the Conference is the Biology Faculty at University of Barcelona, located in Avgda Diagonal 643, at the University’ Diagonal campus. It is centrally located in the city, easily accessible from the airport and connected to the public transport network (taxis, bus and underground services), and it has also parking facilities.


Please visit the conference website for the most up to date Scientific Program and complete details regarding your specific session. During the meeting, there will be free Wi-Fi availability.

All Speakers must load their presentations 30 minutes before the onset of the session at the specific conference room. Your cooperation with this matter is important!


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The Faculty of Biology at the University of Barcelona was established in 1974, making it a pioneering institution in Spain. It first appeared because of increasing knowledge in the field of life sciences at a time of relentless diversification. Soon other faculties of Biology appeared, vastly improving our capacity to develop better-qualified biology professionals. An obvious example of this was the division of the original Natural Sciences degree into two separate courses, Biology and Geology, more than twenty years earlier in 1952. Both were to become established amongst the science faculties and still exist in many universities.


The Faculty of Biology is located on the Pedralbes Campus (Av. Diagonal, 643) opposite the Palau Reial, and as such is well connected with the various public transportsystems in the metropolitan area.



Physically speaking the Faculty consists of the following buildings: the Margalef Building, the Prevosti Building and the Aulari Building. The distribution of classrooms, laboratories and other facilities between the three buildings can be found in the section ‘Faculty facilities by building’. Classrooms and laboratories are equipped to meet the diverse teaching requirements of different subjects and are fitted with the latest technologies to guarantee the quality of the learning experience. Classrooms incorporate different facilities appropriate to the needs of a variety of educational courses, and there are six classrooms equipped with IT workstations (total of ninety computers connected to the UB network that are renewed every three years). The teaching laboratories are designed to accommodate classes of fifteen students with one teacher or thirty students with two teachers.






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