Inauguration of the Children University of Rzeszow (Poland)

The 2013-2014 academic year in the Children University of Rzeszow (Mały Uniwersytet Rzeszowski - MUR) was inaugurated at the University of Rzeszow (Poland) on October 19, 2013. This new science outreach project was reported by Dr. Małgorzata Pociask-Biały (University of Rzeszow, Poland) and Dr. Iryna Berezovska (Ternopil National Technical University, Ukraine) at the HSCI2013 Conference in Kosice (Slovakia). The project target audience includes school students of all ages. MUR activities will stimulate students' interest in science and arts.


Pirenópolis (Goiás, Brazil) will host HSCI2024

The 21th annual international conference on Hands-on Science, HSCI2024, will be held in Pirenópolis, Goiás, Brazil, from September 23th to 27th, 2024.


Contest - "À Descoberta da Luz” (2024)

À Descoberta da LUZ (2024)


The 5th Science & Environmental Education Festival and 6th International Children Summit

It will be held on 7th October, 2023 Saturday between 09.00-18.00 hours in Turkish History Museum and Park in Ankara.